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After decades of sprawl and ever-increasing road gridlock, Miami-Dade County entered a new age in public transit with the passage of a dedicated transportation tax in November 2002. Connecting Miami to Miami Beach is one of the first regional priorities.

Context: Miami-Dade and Beach Voters Support County Transit Plan
By 2-to-1, voters endorsed the call for new rapid transit lines throughout the county, as well as increased bus frequency and other improvements. A recent poll confirms equal support for rapid transit Miami Beach.

History: New Rapid Transit and the Original Miami Beach Streetcar
One of the first rapid transit lines under consideration blends historic renovation with modern transit needs, re-tracing the historic route of 1920's streetcars between downtown Miami and the South Beach art deco district.

Study: Why Miami Beach Needs Rapid Transit
A major study documents continued urban growth and the coming failure of roadways to Miami Beach, confirming the need for timely rapid transit alternatives.

Modes: Why A.R.T. says "Welcome Back!" to Streetcars!
In comparing the advantages and limitations of different transit modes, A.R.T. finds that light rail and streetcar lines are the missing link in developing a reliable, countywide transit system.

Trends: Local Riders and Rapid Transit in Other Cities
In the U.S. and worldwide, the need for reliable public transport is increasingly leading to the restoration or expansion of light rail systems.

Videos: "The Miami Beach Streetcar, Past and Future"
Two Short Videos to Help Inform Miami Beach Voters Video footage of Miami Beach's historic streetcars of the 1920s and 30s and an informational video with computer-animated models of the new BayLink streetcar plan.

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